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Consumer trends in Argentina




Only half of Argentinean mothers are married (February 2010)
Busy consumers look for “healthy fast food” (February 2010)
Saint Valentine’s is better through the internet (February 2010)
Once again, premium brands beat the “white labels” (January 2010)
Argentine people remain traditional in their ice cream preferences (January 2010)
Are neighbourhood stores back? (January 2010)
The expert traveller: unfaithful, digital native and anti-recession (December 2009)
Electronic cigarettes and consumers that crave for anti tobacco laws (December 2009)
Funereal trends (December 2009)
Celebrities create their own clothes ranges… and Argentine women love them (November 2009)
Everyday wine, the therapist Argentines prefer the most (November 2009)
Massive consumer objection to new “technological tax” (November 2009)
Tango and folklore bring traditions back to life (October 2009)
More and more protests make “porteños” cranky (October 2009)
Are there more or fewer poor people in Argentina? Private brands reveal the truth (October 2009)
Argentineans consuming less meat because of the crisis (September 2009)
Access to free football has changed the mood of the Argentine people (September 2009)
People already see the end of the crisis and analyse how it affected them (September 2009)
Kids: an update on what they want (August 2009)
Everyone seems to have the latest mobile phone! (August 2009)
Half the year has passed… but people have not returned to their shopping habits (August 2009)
Swine flu fear modifies consumer habits (July 2009)
Tradition matters: there are 2700 popular festivities per year (July 2009)
Cantinas resist gourmet gastronomy (July 2009)
Green spaces, the favourite place in the Argentine lifestyle (June 2009)
Because of the crisis, Argentines decide to save or fix their own homes (June 2009)
Pushing for a novelty: The display of wholesale prices in shop windows (June 2009)
Cookbooks appeal to men and women at the Book Fair (May 2009)
Are luxury consumers a diminishing breed? (May 2009)
The dip in consumption has led to the return of extended interest-free payment options (May 2009)
More consumers turning to the “black market” because of the crisis (April 2009)
Second brands grow and the use of credit cards increases (April 2009)
Wine, a “model” product, is selling less in Argentina (April 2009)
Consumer habits are being modified due to fears of recession (March 2009)
Mate, the traditional Argentine infusion, gets more popular by the minute (March 2009)
Metro-boyfriends, wedding planners and other “white” trends (March 2009)
Sweets for coins, a current drugstore trend (February 2009)
For the lady’s handbag or the gentleman’s pocket: low energy light bulbs (February 2009)
Online shopping: High delivery charges among obstacles (February 2009)
Dakar, word of the day among Argentineans (January 2009)
Seven million volunteers (January 2009)
The “remixed consumer” feels uncertain (December 2008)
Argentine children save more than their Latin American peers (December 2008)
From hip-hop to the iPod generation: the LP returns in a whirl of nostalgia (December 2008)
Jewellery and clothing are first to be trimmed when consumers feel the pinch (November 2008)
For Argentine people, lunch matters the most (November 2008)
Politics, music and football are the favourite topics on social networks (November 2008)
The Davis Cup boosts Argentineans’ passion for tennis (October 2008)
Argentineans value their Spanish roots when choosing destinations (October 2008)
More Argentinean men prioritise grooming (October 2008)
One-third of Argentineans already live in smoke-free zones (September 2008)
The Tango World Cup moves thousands and attracts younger fans (September 2008)
More TV please: half of households have pay television (September 2008)
The e-commerce show is on the road (August 2008)
Children’s Day: An austere celebration? (August 2008)
Aiming for sustainable eco-design (August 2008)
Six out of ten Argentineans buy fake products (July 2008)
Winter sales came sooner than expected (July 2008)
Young adults drive consumption (June 2008)
My dog is a pretty dog (June 2008)
Call centres 2.0 (June 2008)
Cards: certainly not man’s best friend (May 2008)
Targeting the lower classes (May 2008)
You give me (web shopping) fever… (May 2008)
New improved legislation for consumers (April 2008)
General agricultural strike hits consumers (April 2008)
Alcohol consumption in Argentina spotlighted (April 2008)
An Argentinean staple increasingly out of reach (March 2008)
Animal sanctuary – pets move 600 million (March 2008)
Rollercoaster potato prices prompt consumer boycott (March 2008)
High interest credit rates worry Argentinean consumers (February 2008)
Internet means TV and video for onliners in Argentina (February 2008)
Consumers make their own inflation calculations (February 2008)
Meat is back on the table (January 2008)
Inflation rates confuse Argentinean shoppers (January 2008)
Heading for a costly Christmas (December 2007)
Farewell to the trains (December 2007)
Cell phones: stoking an exhausted market (December 2007)
With the coming of summer, Argentineans prefer light, healthy foods (November 2007)
90% of young Buenos Aires inhabitants consider saving necessary (November 2007)
One in five Argentineans would go under the knife (November 2007)
Clear run forecast for Cristina Fernandez (October 2007)
Gay World Cup kicks off in Argentina (October 2007)
Media diets of Argentinean ‘affluentials’ revealed (October 2007)

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