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Consumer trends in Brazil



Door to door book sales beats online business (February 2010)
New collection: the Sao Paulo Fashion Week has a car parade (February 2010)
After sales service matters the most to insurance buyers (February 2010)
Men are not that important in the consumption of baby products (January 2010)
Smaller fruits are huge delicacies for Brazilians (January 2010)
Brazilians are more interested in “sustainability” (January 2010)
Brazilians have 3 more years to keep on consuming, and women even more so! (December 2009)
Local online consumer electronics stores are the favourites (December 2009)
Paid-for TV is flourishing (December 2009)
Everybody wants their medicine delivered (November 2009)
The reason people go into stores inside malls (November 2009)
Fewer toys and more electronic devices this Christmas (November 2009)
Rio 2016 and the local happiness trait (October 2009)
Children’s Day in Brazil raises hopes of recovery (October 2009)
Working class building homes through the internet (October 2009)
Women “at the base of the pyramid” conquer markets (September 2009)
A new type of client is born in Brazil: the neo-consumers (September 2009)
In Brazil, the recovery of consumption will be first seen in Sao Paulo (September 2009)
Consumers seeking alternatives to milk to save money (August 2009)
Facebook or Orkut? Brazilian’s new dilemma (August 2009)
Artists, consumers and the industry join forces to lower the price of music (August 2009)
Credit card users will have to pay more (July 2009)
The high cost of special foods causes a consumer reaction (July 2009)
Brazilians check on the internet before buying in the “real world” (July 2009)
Crisis fails to greatly modify the consumption habits of most Brazilians (June 2009)
Celebrating coffee (June 2009)
The crunch is reshaping luxury consumption (June 2009)
Are you ecological? Brazilians certainly seem to be (May 2009)
Entertainment: the use of technology increases among lower income groups (May 2009)
Brazilians feel “the worst has passed” and ask for more credit (May 2009)
Zeebo, the BRIC console, already a success before it hit the stands (April 2009)
Now everyone in Brazil wants to own (and pay for) a car (April 2009)
United Colours of Brazil? Consumers demand more multiculturalism in modelling (April 2009)
Consumers have a high regard for companies that are environmentally-friendly (March 2009)
Popular pressure overcomes controversial law on bars (March 2009)
Credit crunch takes its toll on Latin America’s most important carnival (March 2009)
Suddenly, Brazilians are delighted with e-books (February 2009)
Price will define the shopping decisions in supermarkets during 2009 (February 2009)
More Brazilians read blogs: entertainment is their favourite topic (February 2009)
Brazilians are ‘smart’ internet consumers (January 2009)
Brazilian youth prefer computers to television (January 2009)
Brazilians can’t get to sleep and blame food (January 2009)
Brazilians are the world’s most disoriented folk! (December 2008)
Brazilian men worry about their looks (December 2008)
Faith in DIY (December 2008)
Brazilians turning their backs on the crisis, worrying about their Christmas bonus (November 2008)
The recipe for the popular “caipirinha” cocktail enshrined in law (November 2008)
Marriages between Brazilian and Portuguese citizens increased over last decade (November 2008)
A crusade against food extinction (October 2008)
27% of web surfers physically meet their contacts (October 2008)
The Brazilian effect: despite the crisis, consumer confidence increases (October 2008)
Brazilians buying online but less impulsively (September 2008)
Brazilians dislike cigarettes and criticise «Lula» for smoking (September 2008)
Making a case for same-sex marriages (September 2008)
Guidance for car buyers (August 2008)
Profiling wine consumers (August 2008)
Amazonia finds its super villain: burgers (August 2008)
Consumers choose green options (July 2008)
Bring me some chicken! (July 2008)
Brazilians away from their wheels (July 2008)
Profiling consumers (June 2008)
Attention: Customer services to follow new code (June 2008)
In Brazil, the environment matters (June 2008)
Brazilian consumers lead new green ranking (May 2008)
Toxic waste residues in Brazilian food (May 2008)
Support for flying consumers! (May 2008)
In Brazil, the dollar’s slide boosts impulse buys… (April 2008)
We want sweets: Brazilians’ sweet preference (April 2008)
New health plan rules benefit consumers (April 2008)
Known product doesn’t exist! (March 2008)
Consumers aren’t loyal to car brands (March 2008)
Brazilian campaign fights global warming (March 2008)
Carnival is a celebration of consumption too (February 2008)
Young Brazilians more committed to social causes (February 2008)
Newspaper readership up (February 2008)
For wealthy Brazilians, money does bring happiness (January 2008)
Film festivals and local productions rock Brazil (January 2008)
Company energy expenses to be passed on to consumers (January 2008)
Brazilian government offers tips on Christmas saving (December 2007)
Drivers want dark windows (December 2007)
Consumers to receive energy refunds (December 2007)
Brazilians look for new experiences and engage with guerrilla marketing (November 2007)
Dissatisfaction with internet purchases increasing (November 2007)
Misleading ads have caused the number of Brazilian “super indebted” to rise (November 2007)
Brazilian consumers more swayed by ads (October 2007)
WiFi for Brazilian ‘urbs’ (October 2007)
Mobile phone operators fleecing prepaying customers (October 2007)

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