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Consumer trends in Canada


Canadians have gold fever (February 2010)
Sustainable fishing (February 2010)
The differences between men and women stand out more on Valentine’s Day (February 2010)
As a New Year’s resolution, Canadians bathe in freezing water (January 2010)
The passion Canadians have for “their” Olympic games is never ending (January 2010)
Honduras knows more about Canadians than about its own consumers (January 2010)
Canadians delay holiday shopping in search of discounts (December 2009)
Software companies bask in their clients´ concerns about fake articles (December 2009)
Canadians feel discriminated against by leading American brands (December 2009)
Canadians are more patriotic and turn back to old traditions (November 2009)
Consumers hate the ongoing TV industry battle (November 2009)
Most Canadians learn about nutrition from food labels (November 2009)
How Canadian youth differ from their US peers (October 2009)
Canadian dollar worth more, so consumers cross the border again (October 2009)
I want my Kindle! (October 2009)
Canadians drove less, but had more cars in early ’09 (September 2009)
Canadians on low incomes do not buy expensive healthy food (September 2009)
Baby boomers worry about their lack of retirement savings (September 2009)
Save more, do not pay or spend: the current Canadian equation (August 2009)
Consumers are alert to another large-scale recall (August 2009)
«Educational» internet: a half will purchase back-to-school products online (August 2009)
The power of Canadian consumers revealed on YouTube (July 2009)
Consumers still stressed out over credit crunch (July 2009)
Canadian ‘green’ choices found lacking (July 2009)
Work-life balance is still a challenge for Canadians (June 2009)
Citizens can be heroes in the real world (June 2009)
Online video popular in Canada (May 2009)
The number of Canadians who believe in God drops (May 2009)
In the end… Canadians preferred American TV series (May 2009)
Canadians are busy fixing and extending their homes (April 2009)
Alcoholic drinks have a new target thanks to a poll (April 2009)
What Canadians want… in their mobile phones (April 2009)
Immigrant consumers are increasingly important in Canada (March 2009)
Canadian families slowly going green, despite the credit crunch (March 2009)
Energy drinks replacing coffee as a stimulant (March 2009)
Canadians react to pet poodle abandonment (February 2009)
Obamamania had a special flavour in the extreme north of America (February 2009)
Curious ads to make Canadians “believe» in 2010 athletes (January 2009)
Lower income families most optimistic about 2009 (January 2009)
Canadians asked Mother Nature for “lots of snow” in the New Year (January 2009)
Alternative medicine use up in Canada (December 2008)
Worried consumers turn to comfort spending, say retailers (December 2008)
Consumer habits are altered by listeriosis outbreak (December 2008)
Indecisive: the word that best defines Canadian consumers (November 2008)
Canadians and charity (November 2008)
In Canada, everyone knows about vitamin D (November 2008)
Controversy around illegal tobacco consumption intensifies (October 2008)
Though Canadians know about infections, too few prevent them (October 2008)
Everyone is speaking about Québec four centuries after its establishment (October 2008)
Canadians say no to telemarketing (September 2008)
High petrol prices pushing Canadians onto public transport (September 2008)
Canadians head for the Caribbean (September 2008)
Another pill is recalled (August 2008)
Text messages to cost more (August 2008)
Still no laws in web town (August 2008)
Less morphine please (July 2008)
Frozen prices, shrinking sizes (July 2008)
Canadian card tricks (July 2008)
Uncle Sam’s style is unwelcome (June 2008)
If the pill is blue, think twice (June 2008)
E-shopping in the dock: Canadian consumers have security issues (June 2008)
Pump it up, but no tricks! (May 2008)
Corner shops under the shadow of the giants (May 2008)
At the bottom of the green list (May 2008)
Self service a winner (April 2008)
Jumping onto the buses (April 2008)
Consumers doubt the benefits of nanotechnology (April 2008)
Canadians troubled by food safety issues (March 2008)
Goodbye to HD DVD with a tempting exchange offer (March 2008)
Confusing home-produced labelling (March 2008)
Before buying furniture, Canadians want a “live” test (February 2008)
Health at risk: the shellfish issue (February 2008)
Good times for green paper mills (February 2008)
Ethical products welcome (January 2008)
Canadian farmers know what meat-eating consumers want (January 2008)
New players in Canadian telephone souk (December 2007)
Delivery charges upset cross-border shoppers (December 2007)
TV heading for… the bedroom (December 2007)
Canadian consumers worried about toy recalls (November 2007)
Retailers implored to lower prices to avert cross border Christmas shopping dash (November 2007)
Canadians, in debt and ignorant about loan terms (November 2007)
Things digital top consumer wish lists as Christmas approaches (October 2007)
Canadians lead on carbon footprint reduction list (October 2007)
What do Canadians do with their inheritances? (October 2007)

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