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Consumer trends in Chile



This summer, Chileans discovered “outdoor” products (February 2010)
Chatroulette! The most popular video chat among young people (February 2010)
Nobody wants milk in the summertime (February 2010)
Chileans cross the border for lower prices (January 2010)
Chileans do not dine out that much, but follow world trends (January 2010)
Chileans are more aware of healthy lifestyles (January 2010)
Chileans go greener and award committed brands (December 2009)
Summer is almost here… and sales of sunglasses are boosted (December 2009)
Chileans “with attitude” fight against companies that do not deliver (December 2009)
Popular president, happy consumers (November 2009)
Chileans extremely keen on studying in Argentina (November 2009)
Chileans eat less veg and more processed food (November 2009)
Chile’s qualification for World Cup boosts economy reactivation (October 2009)
More Chileans on social networks… admiring the United States (October 2009)
Chilean change (October 2009)
Married Chileans live an average of eight years longer than singles (September 2009)
Despite the crisis, in Chile, people aren’t trimming spending on their pets (September 2009)
Success of a new rum brand highlights the drink’s popularity among locals (September 2009)
Videogames made in Chile are a “glocal” success in the middle of the crisis (August 2009)
The allure of bread (August 2009)
The base of the pyramid receives family bonus and boosts shopping (August 2009)
Chileans see the light at the end of the tunnel, but they remain worried (July 2009)
“In hard times, people choose food” (July 2009)
“Dressing through the internet” promotes electronic sales (July 2009)
Chilean consumers value brands they recognise on a daily basis (June 2009)
Women take another step forward in Chilean society (June 2009)
Consumer associations angry about lists of indebted costumers (June 2009)
Poorer and 60+ consumers are “opportunities” (May 2009)
Security, time and comfort – the keys to online business in Chile (May 2009)
Unauthorised payments and charges worry Chileans (May 2009)
Beer resists the crisis in Chile (April 2009)
Few adults of pensionable age use and purchase through the internet (April 2009)
Consumers are outraged over the “price arrangement” between pharmacies (April 2009)
Luxury goods, less irresistible in times of crisis (March 2009)
Chilean trends in love during Saint Valentine’s Day (March 2009)
Chile-Argentina: integration in the making (March 2009)
Tourists more pretentious: they choose the Caribbean over Buenos Aires (February 2009)
Controversial fashion show reflected a change in the Chilean way of thinking (February 2009)
The Dakar Rally, not so welcome in Chile (February 2009)
Chileans buy dogs, T-shirts and hair extensions online (January 2009)
Two cultural festivals appeal to Chileans during the summer holidays (January 2009)
Chileans care about green issues and express this concern in their habits (January 2009)
The pull of consumer power (December 2008)
Back to tradition: a hundred Christmas street markets have reappeared (December 2008)
More Chileans are hiring image consultants (December 2008)
Chilean consumers unsure what to make of the international crisis (November 2008)
Gen Y consumers (November 2008)
Chileans search for Halloween’s white side (November 2008)
More than 90% of Chileans have dental problems (October 2008)
Pedigree dogs have privileges in Chile (October 2008)
Chileans’ money stays in their pockets – for now (October 2008)
Chileans are thinking about switching jobs and their employers know it (September 2008)
The Peruvian Diaspora is making its mark on consumption in Chile (September 2008)
Broadband is opening up cyberspace to consumers (September 2008)
Phone technology changes consumer behaviour (August 2008)
Rotten beef for export (August 2008)
For the second time, Dell sells laptops at impossible prices (August 2008)
Dell disappoints over 4,000 consumers (July 2008)
Inflation shifts buying habits (July 2008)
Chileans drive new Chinese vehicles (July 2008)
Facebook: Chilean youngsters riding the communications wave (June 2008)
High prices change habits (June 2008)
Ski centres launch into a promising season (June 2008)
A new kind of rice to fulfil world and home demand? (May 2008)
Digital calls may flood the market! (May 2008)
Toxic salmon on Chilean tables (May 2008)
Customer service: the pros and cons (April 2008)
Beef issues cross the border (April 2008)
Chileans as the greatest Coca-Cola drinkers? (April 2008)
Chileans are fans of mobile phones (March 2008)
One in three Chilean homes has internet access (March 2008)
Consumption credit wars in Chile (March 2008)
Online purchases trigger a 20% sales rise in 2007 (February 2008)
Consumers celebrate court’s snub to retail sector monopoly (February 2008)
Trends reveal a migration towards high value and last generation products (February 2008)
Chileans pushed to favour smaller cars by higher petrol costs (January 2008)
Consumers courting credit (January 2008)
Chileans have the spirit: Topping the league of Latin Xmas gift givers (January 2008)
Chilean consumer associations gaining foothold (December 2007)
Strong investments target tech kids (December 2007)
‘No!’ to deceptive advertising (December 2007)
Inhabitants of Santiago have a bad perception of themselves (November 2007)
Chile is the leader in clothing, footwear, energy and transport in the region (November 2007)
Product prices are “essential” to Chilean purchasing decisions (November 2007)
Chileans, in love with mobile phones: Declare it has “changed their lives» (October 2007)
Before they consumed food, now… calories (October 2007)
Chilean viewers revolutionized by high definition TVs (October 2007)
Nationwide strike (Oct 2007)

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