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Consumer trends in Mexico



Who said Mexicans don’t like fruit? (February 2010)
Haiti, a cause that unites Mexicans (February 2010)
Tech purchases on the back burner… (February 2010)
Millions drop out of school… and modify their consumption habits (January 2010)
The street: the best place to celebrate the New Year (January 2010)
Higher prices concern Mexicans, once again (January 2010)
Mexicans cross the border with the USA… for shopping sprees (December 2009)
Piracy and fake products increase in Mexico, thanks to “addicted” consumers (December 2009)
What will the Mexican consumer be like in the year 2030? (December 2009)
Mexicans rarely read (November 2009)
“Urban art” grows in the Mexican capital, packed with graffiti fans (November 2009)
The incredible story of “Twitteros” who were heard in the Senate (November 2009)
Mexicans facing the economic crisis with parties and humour (October 2009)
Consumer attitudes to death: 80% of Mexican people do not have a will (October 2009)
In Mexico, the recession has made the poor an attractive segment (October 2009)
Mexicans love records, from dancing to food (September 2009)
Mexicans “export” traditional celebrations (September 2009)
Nobody wants to be “white”: 70% affirm they descend from Indians (September 2009)
Water row (August 2009)
Organic products are all over Mexico (August 2009)
The growing popularity of Swiss watches (August 2009)
Mexican comics grow via the net (July 2009)
Gamers are keen on home-grown productions (July 2009)
A vote with a democratic feel to it… for companies (July 2009)
Mexican consumers finally go “green” (June 2009)
The consumption of non- alcoholic drinks changes due to the crisis (June 2009)
“Buy Mexican” grows in popularity, although confidence is down (June 2009)
Mexicans slowly return to normal after the influenza outbreak (May 2009)
Money does not buy happiness: Mexican youngsters are joyful (May 2009)
Consumers are scared by the increase in bank robberies (May 2009)
Mexican consumption is paralysed by the influenza epidemic (April 2009)
Mexican baby boomers worry about their retirement (April 2009)
Mexicans are cancelling credit cards and shunning all types of credit (April 2009)
Mexican consumers are getting on (March 2009)
Mexicans “drink” to the crisis with whisky (March 2009)
Low-cost airlines, a new phenomenon in Mexico (March 2009)
Consumers ask car companies for “more and better” information (February 2009)
Thriftier consumers less interested in low-fat food (February 2009)
Mexicans, the ones who pay the most for love (February 2009)
Milk hit by the economic crisis (January 2009)
The rite of the 12 grapes and other curious ways of celebrating the New Year (January 2009)
Cinema continues to attract more consumers (January 2009)
For Mexicans, 2008 was the year of “responsible consumption” (December 2008)
Tequila remains the favourite, though wine consumption is growing (December 2008)
Homemade meals and “the gift of happiness” for Christmas (December 2008)
Credit crunch delaying credit card repayments (November 2008)
Mexicans are more hopeful after Obama’s triumph (November 2008)
“The Postman’s Day” versus emails!(November 2008)
New technologies stress Mexicans (October 2008)
American crisis brings Mexicans home (October 2008)
Mexicans follow new series produced by immigrants via the internet (October 2008)
For some Mexicans, being vegetarian equals being patriotic (September 2008)
Insecurity hits Mexican pockets (September 2008)
38% of Mexicans aged 15-20 are unproductive (September 2008)
Mexican consumers warm to online banking (August 2008)
A non-heterosexual in 20% of homes (August 2008)
Struggling to remove the salmonella stigma (August 2008)
Warning on toxic weight loss products (July 2008)
Mexican consumers are thirsty (July 2008)
The iPhone might hurt your wallet! (July 2008)
Spain and France: most valued by Mexican consumers (June 2008)
32 million alcoholics… (June 2008)
Farewell to credit (June 2008)
Spoiling Dad? (June 2008)
Mexican consumers get ethical! (May 2008)
Addicted to online videos (April 2008)
Fly me to the leaf: Mexicans visiting Canada (April 2008)
The vodka of discord (April 2008)
Record fall in money sent home (March 2008)
New coconut USPs (March 2008)
Dangerous pork in Mexico (February 2008)
Old guzzlers find new home across the border (February 2008)
Bimbo: a tricky wholewheat bread (February 2008)
Over 20% of Mexicans affected by stress at work (January 2008)
Mexicans to reap benefits from the telecommunications market (January 2008)
The least protected Latin Americans (January 2008)
Farewell to smoke-filled venues (December 2007)
Young pirates of Mexico (December 2007)
Users against phone harassment (December 2007)
Mexican men are most helpful with housework (November 2007)
The Day of the Dead connected more Latin-Americans this year (November 2007)
Universities and the army, most trustworthy institutions (November 2007)
Mexicans use “traditional” medicine, but spend a lot of money on health (October 2007)
Environment worries Mexicans, though they wouldn’t pay to make it better (October 2007)
Homegrown clothing designs cause turmoil among young ladies in Mexico (October 2007)
Mexicans of all ages are “very good” consumers of video games (October 2007)

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