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Consumer trends in the US


The one million dollar question: Do I have a flawed Toyota? (February 2010)
Locked in their homes, Americans test their nerves (February 2010)
Are Americans turning into technology sceptics? (February 2010)
Do consumers endorse what Tiger Woods did? (January 2010)
Americans and their privacy issues (January 2010)
The banks worry about consumers and not about Government taxes (January 2010)
Technology bridging generation gaps in the United States (December 2009)
Tell me how old are you are and I’ll tell you what to play with (December 2009)
Americans shun the swine flu shot (December 2009)
Where do people enjoy their free time? Did you say their backyard? (November 2009)
Sports TV ratings grow… even more so amongst Latin women (November 2009)
Consumers use social media to get discounts (November 2009)
Does Barack Obama deserve the Peace Nobel Price (October 2009)
Wealthier Americans finally return to stores (October 2009)
Anticipating the 2010 Census: Will the average American disappear? (October 2010)
Sesame Street teaches children how to deal with the recession (September 2009)
Hunting and Fishing, two traditional activities that may be recession-proof (September 2009)
Waiting for the consumer of old to return (September 2009)
More money spent on alternative medicine and antidepressants (August 2009)
Americans are hardcore birdwatchers (August 2009)
The “buy-American” spirit boosts local brands (August 2009)
Consumers claim control over banking… and are heard (July 2009)
USA: shocked by Michael Jackson’s death (July 2009)
Fourth of July: Americans keep on travelling, in a more cautious way (July 2009)
“The American people want GM to go bankrupt, they don’t care.” (June 2009)
You are, I am, we are all gamers (June 2009)
Americans take on routine chores and tackle major projects themselves (June 2009)
Wealthy consumers will spend less on jewellery and watches (May 2009)
Americans sacrificing their health to save money (May 2009)
The six ways American consumers view global warming (May 2009)
American readers turn to books that explain how to overcome the crisis (April 2009)
Older Americans have arrived on Facebook and other social networks (April 2009)
Beer Wars: A true David and Goliath story where consumers always win (April 2009)
Discount coupons in demand (March 2009)
“B” instead of “A” is America’s new frugality (March 2009)
Mobile banking gains more followers in the USA (March 2009)
Americans are reluctant to let go of their vans (February 2009)
Contaminated food in 41 states inflames consumer food safety concerns (February 2009)
“Buy American”, the new order of the Obama Age (February 2009)
Lasting trend: Americans consuming more sugary beverages (January 2009)
Expansion in traditional celebrations among African-Americans (January 2009)
Countdown for analogue television sets (January 2009)
The crunch has resurrected haggling! (December 2008)
More hours spent in front of the TV and a growth in the “a la carte” system (December 2008)
Americans change their attitude towards energy due to the crisis (December 2008)
Consumers live with credit crunch fatigue but are energised by Obama’s triumph (November 2008)
Shopping in advance and other curious ways of saving money (November 2008)
A gay-friendly nation? (November 2008)
Do Americans care about climate change? (October 2008)
Health rumours linger (October 2008)
Americans are angry, irritable and fatigued (October 2008)
Although anxious about the credit crunch, Americans remain optimistic (September 2008)
Welcoming plastic surgery but discerningly (September 2008)
Examining altruism (September 2008)
Survey: Gen Y are the leading technology adopters (August 2008)
Changing shopping habits? (August 2008)
Consumers are sensible about sweatshops (August 2008)
On air: Between the TV and the net (July 2008)
End of the organic honeymoon? (July 2008)
Nearly a third of consumers pirating DVDs, says study (July 2008)
The deep impact of recalls (June 2008)
The hard road towards analogue TV doomsday (June 2008)
A trip to foreign pharmacies (June 2008)
Spam invades cell phones (May 2008)
Red, white and blue but no green (May 2008)
Mother’s Day, cheaper than ever (May 2008)
A green thought for a green bill! (April 2008)
Back to basics (April 2008)
Online shop 3.0 (April 2008)
Chinese products wink at American shoppers (March 2008)
Do Americans want to drive diesels? (March 2008)
Gadgets remain alluring to future car buyers (March 2008)
War of the [livestock] clones (February 2008)
American TV going digital (February 2008)
Healthy: the adjective US consumers were looking for (February 2008)
Closed wallets: falling sales in the USA (January 2008)
Doctor web: surfing for health info (January 2008)
Car brand perceptions survey (January 2008)
Chinese-made toys have loyal US buyers (December 2007)
Survey: Americans and the internet (December 2007)
Underfunded FDA puts consumers at risk (December 2007)
Going green: another survey acknowledges inclination to buy eco-friendly (November 2007)
American consumers see their kitchens as central to home life (November 2007)
Consumer groups spotlighting online tracking (October 2007)
‘Bad’ fats awareness up but consumers retain blind spots about culprit foods (October 2007)
New ads boast TV testimonials with uploaded consumer testimonials to come (October 2007)
US consumers have a strong preference for bundled voice services (October 2007)

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